How did I get here? – an abridged story of making sense of math.

Age 9, can add sums quicker than others.  People say I’m “good at math”. Standardized tests agree with me.
Age 12, attended Higher Achievement Program, (HAP) St. Peter’s Prep in Jersey City.  For six week summer program, first hint that there are different paths through math.
High School, St. Peter’s Prep.  Four very different math teachers.  Interesting to see which of my classmates like which aspects of math.
Age 16 – 22 – teaching at HAP.   I try to return the favor. Kids like it. Hmmm…
Undergraduate College, Rutgers – Professor: “You did well in Calculus 1 & II. You can tutor in our Intensive Calculus course.” Me: “Wow, this is not the calculus I learned last year.  What is calculus, anyway?”
Graduate Seminar in Math Education, Rutgers.  Wow, these “ordinary” 4th graders can do amazing things if you give them the chance to invent their own strategies. 
Graduate School at Rutgers.  17 years of learning  from another amazing “ordinary” group of kids as they grow from 2nd graders to college students.   Me: still learning calculus. 

to be continued…

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